Monday, January 09, 2006

Tom Hanks reviews

Tom Hanks is one of the few American actors that I like. Part of it is that I like character actors over 40, and I think there are relatively few good American character actors over 40. The few that there are seem to tend to specialize in playing psychos. I'm thinking DeNiro. He's a good character actor, but I just can't get into movies about people I would never want to meet, much less know, in real life. So anyhow I've been working through Tom Hanks films. This has been fun since he's been acting for 30 years+, so you can really see how his acting has changed over time. Try watching Big and then Castaway. That's a shock.

Here are the films I saw or re-watched recently.

*** repeatably watchable
**** well-loved by many or highly regarded
***** one of the top movies of the era
[classic] widely regarded as one of the best of the era

Big ***
Joe versus the Volcano **
Philidelphia *** [highly regarded]
Forrest Gump *****
Sleepless in Seattle *** [on many best romcom lists]
Saving Private Ryan [classic]
You've Got Mail **** [this film is on many 'best romcom' lists]
Apollo-13 ****
Castaway *****
Catch me if You Can **
Ladykillers **
The Terminal * [ug]
Splash *
Volunteers *
League of Their Own ***
The Man with One Red Shoe *
The 'Burbs ***
Nothing in Common * [very uneven]
Bonfire of the Vanities ** [only part I found interesting was Melaine Griffith's performance]

To see list
Road to Perdition
Band of Brothers

Seen but won't review
Green Mile [great movie, but I can't bring myself to see it a 2nd time or review it given the subject matter]