Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nature Documentaries

The following is a summary of the nature documentaries I have watched with my personal ratings of the cinematography, educational value, entertainment value, and scare factor. I also include my, Karina's (8 yrs) and Jake's (5 yrs) three-word reviews.

C -- denotes cinematography rating
E -- educational value
P -- plot strength (strong story line or not?)
G, PG, PG-13, R -- scare factor, i.e. is it disturbing for young kids

  • Planet Earth:Fresh Water C*** E* P* G
    Mom: There is some interesting footage if you want to see the specific animals it shows.
  • Planet Earth:Mountains C**** E** P* G
    Mom: Good for footage of cool animals.
  • Planet Earth:Pole to Pole C**** E** P* PG
    Jake: I liked it. Mom: Good for footage of cool animals.
  • Beavers (IMAX) C*** E*** P***** G
    Jake: I like it. Karina: I liked it. Mom: You'll gain a new appreciation for beavers.
  • Deep Blue C***** E* P* PG-13
    Jake: oh too scary! Karina: Cool. Mom: Very cool!!!
  • Coral Reef Adventure C**** E** P* G
    Jake: Lot's of fun. Karina: Fun and I like the music. Mom: I hate the cheesy over the top music and the way-too-good-looking, painfully happily married marine biologist couple irritates me. Honestly, did she order that man in a catalog or something. Oh, the movie, good cinematography.
  • Dolphins (IMAX) C**** E*** P* G
    Jake: Love it! Karina: I've watched this a million times. Mom: I couldn't watch in one sitting, but it's good.
  • Eyewitness Nature series C** E*** P* G
    Jake: Love them! Karina: Double love them! Mom: Can't watch them.
  • Great White Bear, The C**** E*** P*** PG
    Jake: Fun, but poor birds... Karina: Cool! Mom: Great photography! Good location shots.
  • March of the Penguins C***** E***** P***** PG
    Jake: Too scary! Karina: Cool, but I cried. Mom: One of the best, but I find penguins too cutsey.
  • Survival Island C*** E*** P* G
    Jake: Yawn. Karina: Cool! Mom: Fun, but too short.