Saturday, December 02, 2006

Heimat (ep 7)

Episode 7 covers the final months of the war. As in previous episodes, it is concerned with the individuals not with what is happening in the country as a whole. It's as if Schabbach is a little enclave, that is affected by the events outside but is much more concerned about it's own little world.

Otto, who in the previous episode learned about his son with Maria, comes to visit. After an ackward beginning, Otto and Maria rekindle their affair. Otto had been so depressed about Maria sending him packing 3 year ago, that he joined the bomb-disposal squad in hopes that he would be blown to pieces. Now, after seeing Maria again, seeing his son, and talking over what happened 3 years ago, a light turns on inside him. He has a reason to live, and he knows the war is near the end. He and Maria will soon be back together. Well, obviously he had die then. Indeed, he gets blown on his next bomb. Later we see Maria biking out on the frozen fields and crying. Ok, ok, I get this already. Maria's life sucks. Shortly there after the war ends and the Americans come to town. The episode ends with Edgar and his wife (who is perfectly and hilariously acted) packing up to leave their house. Edgar's wife is frantically sobbing, then she sees the tall black American soldiers waiting at the door and her old brothel-madam self shines through. She turns to Edgar, and says "I think maybe we can be of use to the Americans". And she's off to smooth-talk the Americans with a glint in her eye.