Friday, February 01, 2008

Zerophilia *

Zerophilia (DVD on Amazon)
This is a peculiar movie about a young man with a rare genetic disease that causes him to begin to turn into a female (large busted) when he becomes aroused. An orgasm causes him to stay female, until his(now her) next orgasm when he, I mean she, turns back into a male. What on earth brought me to this movie? Kaja suggested it. He, it turns out, had never seen it and I believe his suggestion was meant as a practical joke of some sort. I couldn't believe I watched the whole thing, but the premise is quite funny and I was hoping that something interesting would happen and the movie would develop a plot. It doesn't; the premise is the whole movie.

The trailer implies that it might be racy. It's not. Nothing racy happens and, except for a brief scene when the zerophiliac fellow rips off his shirt and discovers he has grown silicon enhanced breasts, all the skin (and action) you'll see in the movie is what you see in the trailer:

If despite this tepid review, you decide to watch it. Come prepared with ample libations to make it more interesting.