Sunday, October 30, 2005

Kontroll * *

This is a recent Hungarian movie set in the Budapest subway system. Not much happens. A lot of over the top symbolism about maybe depression or futility or nihilism, or something like that. Then the main character is brought to the light by a fair maiden. Hmm.... Well, I didn't fast-forward through anything, but I kind of wish I had. The only bit that was interesting/memorable is how much the characters looked -- physically that is -- like people out of Seattle. The same grungy look can be seen on any bus. Also facial features often looked American; made me wonder how many Americans have Hungarian ancestry.

Despite my tepid review, this would be a fun film to watch with friends. The characters are engaging. Just be prepared for quirky.

I picked this up to see something recent with Gyorgy Cserhalmi after being impressed with his performance in Zelery. He was in a supporting role here (that's him on the left), and his performance was nothing memorable or particular. In fact, I kind of thought he was miscast. He's supposed to be menacing, but he did not give off a proper villainous aura.

The movie is as quirky as the trailer:

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